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Photo by Amanda Kolstedt Photography 

My name is Moriah Miller. I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Alaska. I am a Jounalism and Public Communications major at the University of Alaska Anchorage. This website was assembled as part of my senior capstone project.  I chose the topic of foster child adoption because I have several freinds that were adopted out of the Alaska foster care system. As I researched the topic, it became obvious to me how vital caseworkers are in the adoption process.  

I would like to thank Professor Elizabeth Arnold, my fellow students in JPC A492, and Scott Jensen (my outside reviewer) for their invaluable feedback and advice. Professor Arnold's wisdom and encouragement were much appreciated.  I would also like to thank Amanda Metivier and Les Gara for taking the time to share their wealth of knowledge regarding the Alaska foster care system, OCS caseworkers, and the provisions of HB 151. Finally, I would like to thank Gary and Sheri Becker and Roxanne Zorea for providing family photos and for being so willing to share their stories to help educate others about foster child adoption. 

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